6 x floral wallpaper, surprisingly different

Floral wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes. Discover the best floral wallpaper in the WallFashion collections.

1/ Small flowers

These small, romantic flowers from the Little Florals collection entice you into coming closer. Subtlety is the strength of this floral wallpaper, which is also available in other fresh hues.

2/ Floral Trail

This floral wallpaper branches out along your wall and brings the most beautiful hand-painted flowers to life. The details are highlighted by shades of white, grey and blue.

3/ Crimson roses

For those looking for more passion: crimson roses from the Via Veneto collection. This luxurious wallpaper has a strong texture, providing the roses on your wall with ample depth.​

4/ Flowers with retro flair and polka dots

This retro design is perfect for any kitchen or hobby room, providing ample ‘rockabilly’ feel. Imagine this interior with colourfully dressed tables and home-made cupcakes.​

5/ Photographic

This modern take on flowers will make you dream off into a wild and colourful flower field. Carefully picked and presented on your very own wall.

6/ Summer blossoms

Delicately painted flowers with bright colours, bringing summer into your home. These summer blossoms provide an instant happy feeling and fit perfectly with a romantic and dreamy interior.