A blooming garden in your living room

What could be better than receiving guests and relaxing amongst lush greenery and delicate flowers in the heart of a lavish garden that’s recently awakened from its slumber? Recreating a blooming garden in your interior is an absolute breeze using carefully selected wallpaper from the Plains & Murals collection from Grandeco WallFashion

Most people tend to decorate only one wall with a mural, in order to create an accent. But in this stunning design project showcased on the “Dachny Otvet” program on Russian television channel NTV, designer Irina Shevchenko applied murals to every wall in the living room for a genuine wow effect.

The Dachny Otvet team chose the Ensor wall mural for the makeover, which was inspired by the Flemish Masters. And look how skillfully the flowers have been represented on the wallpaper - as if the artist's brush has gently graced the walls! The complex shades, the authentic detail of every petal and leaf, the pattern’s depth and colour and the delightful tactility of this mural invite continued inspection of the walls.

“The large image is repeated every 3.5 metres, yet only in the width to prevent a sense of special monotony. The resulting effect is of being in the very heart of a blooming bed of flowers."

Irina Shevchenko, designer

Large, lush flowers make an impressive statement on the walls, whilst their aura and beauty is emphasised by curved furniture and graceful accessories. Golden, honey-coloured velvet curtains, natural wood and light lampshades complete the stunning ensemble.

Wicker elements add a touch of warmth to the interior and create a light and airy feel, without overwhelming the room.

The floor is made from natural wood in warm shades, and decorated with matching rugs that echo the structure of the lampshades, as well as a cosy-looking basket containing plush cushions and a selection of books. This clever combination creates a true sense of harmony in the room.

The gold-tone hardware looks great against the dark wood of the cabinet and echoes the large candlesticks carefully arranged on its surface. The combination of warm brown and ebony wood with matching accessories adds a touch of originality to the interior.

"Everything is interconnected. The size of the furniture is in direct proportion to the image on the walls. The colours flow effortlessly into one another.”

Irina Shevchenko, designer

And of course, the most important thing is the verdict of those going to live in the newly-designed interior. Indeed, it’s essential that the room reflects the taste and personality of its owners, and that they love the way it looks.

"We wanted a bright room and that’s what we got. And we particularly liked the textured wallpaper, which is lovely to touch."

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