Bring nature inside with this wallpaper

Natural elements are a key component of many interiors. They could be many things – from wooden floors to natural accessories, all the way to house plants and flowers. No green thumb on either hand? No problem! These natural wallpapers are just the thing for you. No need for watering and they will stay fresh forever. Perfect for nature-lovers lacking gardening skills.

Forest – Natural Forest

The reed patterns in this design are finished with a subtle background glitter. As you can see, this is a strong pattern – it’s a great choice for a feature wall, while keeping the rest of the space calm.

Kjeller – Natural Forest

This subtle fern pattern is adorned with metallic effects in the background and on top of the leaves. A perfect combination with the textile plains.

If you are looking to bring some much-needed nature into your house, you can’t go wrong with literally adorning your walls with ferns. This wallpaper goes beautifully in a living room or kitchen, because of its peaceful character.

If you are looking for a good combination, a simple, plain uni wallpaper with a subtle textile look is perfect for those who prefer a more tranquil look. This uni wallpaper also forms the basis for Kjeller.

Floral Trail Motifs

This feminine wallpaper comes in white / blue and cream/ pale green. The drawing is an absolute classic, while the background a much more modern and elegant white, providing a lovely kind of balance. It’s a lovely design choice to make a bedroom fit for a Lady.

The hand-painted florals in this design contain white highlights to provide more depth to the imagery. The embossing is smooth to make the flowers stand out more clearly.

Berset – Natural Forest Collection

This design contains an abstractly painted landscape with perfectly blending colors, providing ample depth to your walls. The green/blue wallpaper is a real showstopper – an interior design choice truly not for the faint of heart. If you prefer a bit more peace and quiet, the beige and rose option may be just the thing for you!

Wood Blocks – Facade

The Facade collection has two different types of wooden blocks as wallpaper, which both come in different colors. The basis for these wallpapers is formed by many individual wooden blocks. Nature isn’t just flowers and landscapes, which means you are not limited to those two options when looking to bring a bit more of into your abode. Natural wood textures work just as well!

Compared to the Little Florals collection, this approach is a bit more rugged and manly. Perfect for an industrial kitchen, office or man cave.

This design contains many different elements, it's best to combine the wallpaper with a uni design.