Create a comfy cocoon this winter using these design tips

Let's go retro

Retro and vintage furniture and accessories have been hot for a while now. In 2018, the vintage trend is moving from the fifties and sixties to the eighties, with a main role for brown, yellow ochre and orange. 

Dark stained shades of wood, graphic prints as wallpaper and natural colours are absolutely eighties. Or what about a couch or chair furnished with a beautifully soft, velvet fabric? Would you like to get started with this trend? 

Wood structures

The first cold provides a desire to cocoon. Or to travel. But, why not both? By working with shades of wood, your home will feel like a comfy shepherd’s hut in the cold north. By using a wood effect wallpaper in your interior design, the ensemble will feel more rural and warm.

Romantic flowers

Want to make a statement? Then choose a colourful print this autumn. Daredevils may choose to decorate a wall with a flower pattern. Avoid small patterns and choose large flowers in light shades of green, rose or blue. It will not only give your room a romantic touch, it is also a great way to reflect your personal style in your interior design.

Woven texture

Do not underestimate the effect a subtle wallpaper with a rich structure can give to your room - especially during the cold winter days. Wallpaper with a textile look provides warmth and doesn’t dominate. This will give you the freedom to combine it with daring and bright accessories.

Faux finishes

Want to update your interior? You don’t have to spend a lot of time to change your interior. Hurray for faux finishes! Wallpaper with a stone or tile look provides a quick and easy way to change your interior.

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