Discover the creative lab by Filoloop

Welcome to the creative lab of Iwona, muse of Filoloop from Poland, a hip web shop with stylishly crocheted interior design objects like ottomans, pillows and floor coverings. With her feeling for interior design, she transformed her own studio into a cosy workspace.

Pictures by Fotomohito studio

The eclectic workshop of Filoloop in Poland was put together with a lot of love. The bright space forms a collection of snug corners and the best of old and new. Old picture frames promenade between sleek white design while an industrial sliding door contrasts with the authentic floor.

Iwona gave a creative twist to the way she handles wallpaper. Not a full wall, but a piece of wallpaper of about 2 metres to make a real statement. The Palm Leaf wallpaper by New Aurora fits perfectly with the natural elements in the room and provides that little bit extra to your space. In short: a beautiful result that shows that paint and wallpaper go perfectly together.

Contrasting with the white room, there is a deep green painted wall. The playfulness of the striking colour and the retro cabinet give the studio a surprising effect.