DIY wallpaper projects for the start of the new school year

Another school year just started. Whether you're preparing your son or daughter for their first school day ever, or a new year in high school, it is always great to decorate your child's (or teenager's) room with new things. This is easily done with wallpaper.

After a wallpaper project, you'll always wind up with some leftovers. There's no need to throw these out, since they can be used for many fun things.


Never lose your place with these custom wallpaper bookmarks


A DIY clipboard, perfect to keep sight of all that school work.

From boring shoe box to hip storage box

Give old shoe boxes a new life with a bit of glue and wallpaper. Easily turn these old boxes into great storage boxes. No such thing as too much storage space, right?

Binding books

Because of its fun patterns, wallpaper is great to bind books with. Another advantage: WallFashion wallpaper is washable, so it's resistant to spills ;-)


These wallpaper streamers give your kids child's room a creative and personal touch.

Pencil case

Use wallpaper scraps to decoupage tins. Perfect for storing pens, pencils & markers.

Growth meter

Track your son's or daughter's growth throughout the school year using this growth meter.