Impressive use of wallpaper in a modern office space

The design studio belonging to interior designers Franken (specialists in stand construction and office design) was recently transformed using Grandeco wallpaper.

The interior of the 2020 workspace revolves around light, the feeling of space and a touch of pizzazz. Which is why the designers chose to integrate the Hankar wallpaper from the Plains & Murals collection into their design. This striking wall mural combines fresh colours with clean lines and curved shapes. The design is a nod to the architectural style of the 1930s, yet today looks hipper than ever.

The wallpaper motif became the overarching theme for the rest of the room: from the colour of the carpet and the shape of the desk, to the U-shaped LED lighting.

Franken's designers deliberately kept the rest calm and predominantly white. And by hanging the mural in a delineating frame with accompanying spotlights, the wallpaper assumes the appearance of a work of art.

Wallpaper tip

If you choose a distinctive wallpaper, it will look particularly impressive on a defined section of wall, such as in a niche or between two opposing walls. The motif will consequently stand out and become a genuine eye-catcher in your room.

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