Say it with stripes

Striped wallpaper: you have it in all shapes and sizes. From fine details to a broad line and from soft to sharp hues. Do you want your interior to be bigger, smaller, higher or broader? Striped wallpaper is the ideal tool. These tips will help you make the right choice for your striped wallpaper.

What is the best place to hang your striped wallpaper?

To prevent a hectic effect, you could, for example, choose to wallpaper one wall instead of all walls. If you have a longer space that you would like to make warmer and less big, it would be recommendable to wallpaper the furthest wall. By dressing a wall with stripes, you make the room seem bigger and longer. However, make sure you don't wallpaper two opposite walls with stripes: that will make the room feel narrow and small.

Sleek details thanks to wallpaper

Are you a perfectionist and do you like stripes? Then wallpaper is the best choice. Perfectly straight strips with perfectly straight stripes. Naturally, painting is an option to realise the stripes, but if you're a real perfectionist, you know that you’ll never get stripes as straight as they would be with wallpaper.

Verticale lines

Vertical stripes cause an optically enhanced effect and will make the room look slightly narrower, as with clothes, and will make the walls in your room look higher. You can combine this with a uni wallpaper, or perhaps wallpaper with a light print. Make sure that your colours stay in line with one another, so you maintain a uniform look and feel.

Horizontal lines

If you think your room is too small, you can consider dressing your longest wall with wallpaper with horizontal stripes. Optically, you’ll make everything longer and the room will seem a lot longer too.


You have striped wallpaper with tone-on-tone colours, or you could opt for an eclectic mix of colours. With light hues, you’ll create a feeling of spaciousness because these colours reflect and spread light. Dark colours make the space a little smaller, but can give your room a warmer appearance.

Stripes with a little extra

If you are looking for striped wallpaper with that little extra, there are many other possibilities too.

If you prefer something other than straight lines, you could opt for striped wallpaper with extra geometrical shapes. Or give your room an extra creative touch with striped wallpaper that looks like free-hand painted stripes. Big difference: no messing around with paint, and you’ll have a ‘spotless’ result.