Taking a look at a Scandinavian children's room

Kristina lives in Russia with her husband and their two sons, and she loves interior design and decoration. The love for her children and interior merge on her Instagram page, where she takes and shares photos of fun corners in her house on a daily basis.

Inspired by the Scandinavian living style, @barashka_mom's Instagram page is coloured in light hues, rainbows and playful, tongue-in-cheek design. We took a look inside one of her children's rooms. And we couldn't be more impressed!

White, wood and a feature wall

Kristina proves that a Scandinavian children's room need not be cold or bleak at all. “There is no need to limit yourself to white and grey. Pastel colours are perfect to give the children's room a bit of atmosphere.” She also supplemented the white base with lots of wood and wallpapered walls.

For the feature wall, she chose the Jack ’n Rose Village wallpaper. This stylish wallpaper contains many fun elements, like playing children, animals and finely drawn houses.

Next decoration project on the agenda

Kristina is already dreaming about the next wallpaper project: “We might move to a different apartment soon. I would love to give the children's room a feature wall there as well. I currently have my eye on Grandeco's Jack ’n Rose Junior wallpaper (JR2101).”

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