The story behind the Via Grande collection

With the new WallFashion collection Via Grande, Grandeco has found a successor to the Imperial collection.

The collection contains - like the Imperial - a number of indispensable classics with damasks and flowers, both in-register and not in-register. The modern geometric design is new in this collection. This wallpaper has the same sophistication as the more classic motifs. Finally, Via Grande was enriched with a marble motif.

Each concept is different and unique in its own way. Lovely for both the eye and the senses, thanks to its surprising finishes.

The designs were coloured with a modern palette, such as taupe, grey tones and old rose, a colour that’s currently very trending in interior design. The finish is filled with shine, glitters and gold elements, which fit perfectly with the principle of the collection.

“The Via Grande collection brings us to the new classic interior design of Rome’s town houses. Delicate wall coverings, classic oak, warm fabrics and metallic accents are recurring characteristics in this collection.”


Brenda Van de Voorde, Head of Design Studio Russia

Brenda Van de Voorde, Head of Design Studio Russia

For the creation and production of Via Grande, we can count on a multidisciplinary team. From idea to development and production: each phase of the production process closely involves the designer, to ensure the perfect end result (on your wall).

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