Give the wall in your child's room a make-over with this wall decoration.

Although children's rooms are usually not that big, there is more space than you think. Just use the wall. The crazier the idea, the better! These fun tips will transform your child's room into a fun place for your son or daughter, with room to sleep and  play.

Climbing wall

A child's room is more than just a bedroom. Children should be able to craft, sleep over,... and climb!! If you have high walls or a duplex room, climbing elements are great to install. This wall decoration is perfect for older children and is best placed next to the bed, ensuring that small climbers always come down to earth softly.

Chalk board

A chalk board in your child's room isn't just great decoration, it's fun for the children to play with so they can let their creative ideas run free. They'll be able to decorate their own room! If you think a whole room is too much, you could paint a certain surface - in the shape of a house, for example.

The underwater world

You could always choose to immerse the child's room in 1 specific theme. Wallpaper is the perfect solution to do so. Do you like shades of blue? Think of an underwater theme for the children's room. Whales and fishes swimming past on the wall, supplemented with colourful touches in the form of starfish, lighthouses and boats.

The perfect space for the prettiest works of art!

The works of art your little rascal makes always deserve a nice spot in the house. It's a fun DIY, using old frames. String a piece of iron wire between the frame and finish it with a bright colour. This will provide you with your own art gallery in no-time. The art works can then be hung up easily using a clothes pin.

Or for the tiny ones who want to make unlimited art.

A large role of paper on the wall will allow your son or daughter to make an unlimited amount of art. Perfect for a more sleek design.

Fairy tale forest

This may be the most subtle wall decoration in the list. Nevertheless, this tree patterned wallpaper will allow you to create a dreamy children's room.

Growth meter

Children are full of surprises and they'll keep on surprising you all the time. The only thing you can count on is that they'll grow bigger. Parents have been monitoring their offspring's growth on doors and walls for centuries. And now you can keep track of their growth in style, with this beautiful growth meter by Jack 'n Rose. This fun eye-catcher consists of a large tree with colourful elements.


Climbing wall

Chalk board

DIY art gallery

Paper roll