Murals & uni’s celebrate Belgium’s textile heritage

From the Flemish Masters to the rich history of the Belgian textile industry: the Plains and Murals collection pays tribute to the history of this small, idiosyncratic country, home to Grandeco, with a strong collection of murals and uni’s.

A classic floral painting as a mural

Bring in an extra-large floral mural that is clearly inspired by the paintings of the Flemish Masters. The opulent wallpaper has a width of 318 cm and fits nicely into your living room or sophisticated reception areas.

Art deco wallpaper in pastel tones
Dive into the Art Deco period with a striking mural that is clearly inspired by the 1930s architectural style. The wallpaper with round shapes and stripes in pastel colours and striking accents makes your interior extra stylish.

A classic floral mural on your wall
The Belgian design team of Grandeco designed a special mural with a nod to Flemish floriculture. This wall wallpaper with lush floral motif in yellow and orange hues looks like a watercolour that blends nicely in a classic interior and with which you can come up with a surprisingly modern home.

Passe-partout textile wallpaper
Grandeco designed a special wallpaper uni with a nod to Belgian textile history. The paste-the-wallpaper is easy to use in any interior.

Photographic wallpaper with landscape
Bring a sense of peace into your home with a landscape mural. The misty dawn in white and blue tones is a typical Flemish landscape that makes this mural the perfect backdrop for a dreamy interior.

Simplicity decorates your wallpaper
Are you looking for wall candy that is simple yet sophisticated? Choose plain wallpaper that stands out because of its structure. It is an unseen interior pearl with various colour choices