How to wallpaper your linen closet

Is your linen closet just in a boring corner? Or does your wardrobe look old and messy? Then you can make a fun & fabulous statement with wallpaper. Choose a bold motif, wallpaper easy and fast and see how your closet transforms into an eye-catcher in your home. In short: a small project with a big impact on your interior (and your mood :-) ).


Extra fun: if you want to wallpaper the inside of your linen closet, you can be a little more daring in choosing the motif. Do you like a sumptuous floral design, does a bright colour fit in your interior or are you a fan of a very outspoken style: it's all possible. If you want to keep things calm, you can paint the shelves of the closet in a neutral shade. Or varnish the wood. This way you can easily maintain your favourite closet and avoid indelible stains.

DIY linen closet

Let's get on with it! Wondering how you can easily transform a linen closet into a unique eye-catcher? We’d like to show you:

"In order to preserve the beautiful wood structure of the closet, we chose not to paint the shelves. We also chose to glue the paste-the-wall wallpaper from our Grandeco Origine-collection instead of applying glue to the closet. This is how we avoid glue stains on the closet."

Easy to wallpaper and ... remove
Tip: choose wallpaper that you can easily remove. Interior trends are changing fast, and maybe your taste too? If you change the wallpaper from time to time, you can always upgrade your old closet or cherish your heirloom forever.

Wallpaper your linen closet

Ready to create your own wallpaper moment? Be inspired by our collections, choose your own style and your DIY project with wallpaper online!