Make a wallpaper panel with a big impact

Are you a fan of wallpaper but don’t want to be tied to one pattern? Then wallpapering a wall panel is the solution! You can do all kinds of things with a wall panel: use it as a headboard, room divider or simply as a nice clothes hanger. By adding a long bar, you can transform your wall panel into a stylish clothes hanger for the next day’s outfit.

We selected the Cantate wallpaper for this wall panel. This geometric design has a large – yet subtle – print, making it highly suitable as an elegant clothes hanger.


Get a 15-mm thick multiplex hardwood panel. It won’t warp and doesn’t absorb much moisture when wallpapering. You can get a wooden panel cut to size at your local hardware shop. We used a panel measuring 50 x 200 centimetres.

Lightly sand the panel, apply a primer and leave to dry. Applying a primer to the wood makes it easy to remove our vinyl wallpaper. (After all, it’s always fun to change design every so often :-)).

Apply wallpaper adhesive and attach the wallpaper to the panel. Use a wallpaper spatula to smooth out the wallpaper over the surface. Remove any excess adhesive with a damp sponge. Cut off any excess wallpaper with a utility knife.

Tip: don’t forget to paint the sides of the panel for a lovely result.

If you need more wallpapering tips, watch our how-to video!