Creating a personal interior: style your closet

Favour the sleek, contemporary look, or prefer a vintage twist? Allow us a quick peek inside your home and we’ll tell you who you are. Intriguing, isn’t it? Personalising your home, incidentally, needn’t be expensive or require a drastic revamp. A few creative tweaks instantly infuse your interior with individuality. Take the styling of your wardrobe for instance. Snazzy wallpaper swiftly transforms your closet into an original space that suits you and your wardrobe to a tee.

Dreaming of a home that positively oozes personality? All you need is ... wallpaper!

Aubade wallpaper - OS3307

DIY: dressing room wallpaper

We’ve got a number of essential tips for fashion-conscious women wishing to create a stylish dressing area. Choose wallpaper in a style and colour that matches your personality and your wardrobe. We also recommend wallpapering your closet in soft shades with smaller motifs that don’t distract from your clothing collection. (because that, of course, simply wouldn’t do!). Let’s get to work!

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